A .BIZ domain name means immediate results when starting a new business or expanded a current one. With a .BIZ domain, your website will generate better search results and stronger brand visibility.

Why choose .BIZ?

  • You'll immediately be recognized in search results as a business
  • With many .BIZ names still available, you'll be sure your business gets the website name you want.

With .BIZ, you have a lot of available options

1. Instead of trying to find a direct match for your business name in a .COM, what if you instead created a .BIZ domain name that describes exactly what your business does? It would not only make sense for Search Engine Optimization—you stand a much better chance of finding a keyword-rich .BIZ than .COM—but would also be great to put on your business cards and would make it easier to literally say your web address out loud to new people.
2. So instead of: “You can find us online at first—that’s 1-S-T, not F-I-R-S-T, dash, class, dash, inspection dot com.”
3. You could say: “You find us online at exampledomain dot biz.”
4. By the way, exampleinspector.biz is available RIGHT NOW for Rs.999. So are examplepainting.biz, examplehardware.biz …